Marijuana in Michigan The Reclamation of Freedom and some other thoughts

I look at my stats and realize I haven't posted in a year. Without getting too deep in it, about the time I published Harbinger of Calamity, I was involved in writing and composing songs for a record. My creative attention for the last year plus has been in that direction. I have found song writing and playing them with a band is similar to writing books but the return is so much more visceral and immediate, it is a hard to explain, but that is what is going on right now. In the meantime I felt the need to compile some current thoughts. 

Marijuana in Michigan

The Reclamation of Freedom and some other thoughts

Yesterday was a historic day in Michigan. Legal marijuana.
I could talk for a long time about how many people die, especially in Mexico as part of the illegal drug trade, including tons of marijuana, most of which comes to the US. Without going deep into economics, supply and demand are both sides of the same coin. Where there is demand, it will be met with supply. If one less person dies from marijuana prohibition, in my opinion, it’s a step in a good direction. Even if the state really screws up the implementation of the laws and regulations which will come, there is no way a part of the plan will include murdering rival dealers and law enforcement or government officials as a part of it. If this sounds like passionate opinion, I would encourage anyone to look into the realities of the drug trade at our southern border.
I could talk about how much of our independence has been shifted from local authorities to the federal government but that’s a big, dirty can of worms. Even now the FDA has approved a derivative of marijuana as a treatment for specific disorders yet the same government continues to keep it schedule 1 as a drug “with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.” If this actually makes sense to anyone, I would love to have it explained to me. Last spring, in a move barely addressed in mass media, federal elected officials introduced legislation allowing states who have chosen to legalize marijuana to do so without the current interference by federal government. Not only did it not get much mention, it has yet to make it past whatever process would allow it to be voted on.
My first guess without going too deep is that it has to do with the gridlock of our broken two party system; or it not meeting the agenda of the all too influential special interests, but that is also too big of a worm can for now. This is one, single example, but a drop in the big, big bucket. The point I would like to make is this, the closer to my home, where I live, where the decisions I have to live with actually happen, the better of a chance we have collectively of the representatives actually representing us and being accountable for their decisions. Ironically, my hometown “opted out” of even dealing with marijuana, I suppose this will postpone my city council from accountability for the time being which would be great if it is for a reason to gather facts as opposed to supporting a virtual local prohibition which may or may not be what the constituents want. I honestly believe this shift or deterioration of local power and accountability is not a mere opinion. I so wish we could bring back our founding fathers to explain why states rights and self governance was a critical point of our constitution. If this sounds like opinion, I encourage anyone to read up, it was damn near a deal breaker.

A second point

At the risk of being judged, I will admit that I began looking into medical marijuana as an alternative to my doctors offering to put me on pain meds for life, most likely opioids, with no hope of any of my conditions ever improving. The end goal was to mask the pain, forever. Not no, hell no as they used to say, I’ll pass. I turned down the treatment flat without ever getting a first prescription. I would rather deal with pain than addiction or melting my liver by choice, unless it’s rum, but that is my choice. I work quite a bit and need to function at the top of my game most often, cannabutter works wonders, and while I personally may use it four or more days a week, I’m not “high”, and truth be told I almost never actually “smoke weed”, not that it matters, but it’s part of a misconception. It is widely known and accepted that marijuana and its derivatives are being used to treat medical conditions in a natural way, yet the schedule 1 classification in our country makes it impractical for research. Some of the advances in medicinal usage have been made in states like Colorado where it was legalized years ago. I shouldn’t need to explain the connection.
3 lights of my life

A third (or more) point

I have two aging Great Pyrenees (dogs, not mountains) who are the light of my life, the older one is getting so stiff from his arthritis he really has a hard time getting around. I dose them both with my own marijuana derivative and it takes years off of their mobility. The alternative? Pain medications and steroids which will certainly damage their liver and eventually shorten their lives. What would you choose for yourself? I want that dog around for every day I can squeeze out of him, even if it is for selfish reasons.
I also have had the privilege of helping a couple friends with similar conditions as well as anxiety and PTSD with similar concoctions. The results are real. There is still a big stigma against marijuana, part of it may be justified but part of it, maybe not. This is a far cry from the Cheech and Chong scenes of smoking weed in a van, but is part of a conception that needs updating, as funny and entertaining as the images are. (Kids should not be using marijuana, this is well supported by fact, they probably shouldn’t be consuming unhealthy doses of alcohol among other things either. Michigan put a 21 year old age in the law.)
It may be obvious that this is a subject I personally am passionate about, and I realize that talking about it will inevitably get me dropped into the Cheech and Chong category, or possibly even an anti-government kook, but I feel strongly enough to come out and say something. I know that I have been lied to the better part of my life, as has my generation.


I applaud the people of Michigan for legalizing marijuana. It is a step forward in asserting our states rights, a step forward in people understanding and essentially admitting that there is a demand for a product currently being met in not so great of a way. It is a step forward for bringing up a subject which is taboo at best and a step forward in advancing possible truth to generations of people who have been collectively lied to for a variety of reasons, none of which in my opinion hold with the reality of the times we live.

We have too much information at our disposal to go along with anything without checking the facts.

The Day After Christmas?

Last year I wrote a little post about the day after Christmas. I seriously cannot believe it’s that time again. I use the term year round to describe a huge let down after a very exciting event. As a kid we would ride bikes through the fairgrounds Sunday morning after the fair left to pick up returnable cans. It was a similar situation, the big nothing after a huge event. For a week that fair is the center of so many peoples world, until everyone packs up everything and leaves. Then the area is just trampled down grass with litter and ten cent cans laying around. The excitement is gone and the center of the world shifts to another location. The circus has come to town? I love that phrase too but that is an entirely different scenario.
I am not into the whole commercial aspect of the holiday but I respect it, it’s good for the economy. I always find myself using the space around the holidays as a time of reflection and marking where I was in the past. I won’t go as far as making a bunch of ridiculous resolutions. I do think it is worth a few moments to take an inventory of the significant happenings of the year just to look at them and think about it. It won’t hurt to consider what has been going on, or what I may need to change. Whether anything changes or not, I hope to live to see, but this year has been a whopper in an overall good way with some bumps here and there.
Life is the fair and the excitement is not gone, it just keeps moving from town to town.