Linux finally.

Years ago I was introduced to Linux via a live Knoppix cd and instantly was intrigued. At the time I was trying to find a way to revitalize several Windows 2000 pc's I had aquired to resell. I never did end up Linuxing the pcs but it sparked and interest for me in a world I never knew existed. I have tried live cds of dozens of Linux "distros" including the rather impressive Ubuntu. I couldnt get any of them to really make my HP laptop work. Until I found the Puppy. Puppy Linux 3.01 specifically. My big hang up was that none of the os's would make my wireless card work and I was unwilling to give up that feature. The brief version of what Ive learned is that many distributions count on the Windows drivers or some crap I wasnt interested in. I want to cut the cord to Microsoft. I stumbled onto Puppy Linux and tried it out. After several nights of tinkering I got it all to work with the live cd. I was literally amazed. I never expected it to work. It did. Not only did it work but it took my sleepy ze6500 brought it to life. A computer which was so slow and clunky it didnt get taken out of its case has been transformed into a screaming fast relic. Not only is the speed and stability impressive, its loaded with advanced features that have taken many hours over the years to accumulate in my xp machine, stock. Things like html editing, iso burning, dvd/cd burning etc and my favorite torrent downloading just to mention a few. Puppy has it all. And its free. Im amazed and sold.