Bringing the blog back

Pretty close to a year ago, 2011, I was encouraged by two of my closest friends to write my book. I began writing one at least seven years ago and while it is very long I never finished it. This time I set out to write one and finish and I did succeed. I completed the rough draft around Christmas which was followed by a read and thorough edit, which was followed by a read and a thorough edit. Well I am fairly certain the story wont change much from this point on but I am very fortunate to have a cousin who offered to proofread my rough draft. For someone who loves to write I don't feel I am the best at the formal mechanics of English but I guess that's not what my story was about. The writing of the story was its own therapy and it has led to many good things beyond the words themselves. I have been on a personal journey of sorts for about the last year and a half and buried beneath the plot are many of the things I have learned. I intend for the story to be an introduction and fully anticipate further installments to get the entire story out of my head. I have reactivated my blog to keep track of things. As I wrote in my introduction, if I had a dollar for every notebook I packed full of words and lost, I could be rich. I think this space will supplement my notebooks and make something easier to keep track of.