Self Publish?

My article for the day is by Jim F. Kukral, I stumbled upon it via twitter and went over to my computer to read it. I know that when I began to feel confident about Firetok, even towards the beginning, I was sure that the plan would be to seek out an agent, seek out hundreds more agents... Everything I read to that point made me believe that was the way to go. I read all the stats, to sum them up you don't stand a chance in hell of getting very far with a first book by an unknown author. I wasn't worried about it and am still not. I guess the bottom line is, the writing down of this story was so good for me in so many ways that it really doesn't matter if anyone else ever reads the story. The article I mentioned outlines many of the reasons to self publish in the modern climate and I agree. This particular author thinks that traditional bookstores will soon be a thing of the past, who knows? For me I decided at least a couple of months ago to self publish and I am leaning towards Amazon at this moment. I have looked into Smashwords as well, as near as I can tell they are the two top movers here.  I will look into it deeper, later.
Here is a link to the article