Make your passion a bigger part of your life.

So I look once again at the last date of a post here and am disgusted. The good or should I say the best thing about my lost time is that I have been very busy with what I feel will be perpetually called the "final" edit. This time I think I am serious. For the first installment I believe I have told what needs to be told. I have been using this forum to benchmark different things and I saw a story the other day I feel I need to make note of. The story was about a retired carpenter who had found a way to make a living as a sand sculptor. I would have never suspected it possible. His advice was to find something that inspires you and find a way to make it more prominent in your life. He said flat out, don't quit your job, just find a way to make it a bigger part of your life. This of course is my paraphrasing and trying to lay out what I took away from it. I think it was good timing. I will eventually publish this story and begin on the next leg of the journey, some of which is already beginning to manifest. In the meantime I will enjoy the journey to the utmost of my ability and continue to work as I need to while I take the sculptors advice and push to make my writing a bigger part of my life. I hope at some time someone will stumble upon my story and find themselves entertained. What more could I ask for?