A long road to Epub E book

So Firetok has been available on Amazon and Createspace for a little over a week now. I have been pretty pleased and surprised by the initial response. It was such a push to get it finished and quite a relief to push enter that last time. One thing I am sure I learned a bit about is the whole e book conversion process. Kindle direct has some clunky mechanism to auto convert the lets say rtf file into their format. I found it a pain in the ass. It gets done and then provides some problem with the file so I redo it, look at it and redo it again. Total trial and error and a waste of time, it would change the format in some instances where a technical person could tell what and why if I cared, but I dont. I just wanted the book converted. I did this more than a dozen times before I went back to  OpenOffice and just converted it to Epub with a little add-on to the program. It converted it exactly as my original rtf was without all the nonsense. Why didn't I start there? I guess I figured Kindle and Amazon are pretty big deals, they should know what they are doing? Probably so but OpenOffice nailed it first time then I simply uploaded the epub file to Kindle Direct a long way around a simple process.