How does it feel today? Better I say. Way better. It took all of a couple of hours to have a mountain of stress unloaded from my feeble mind. That in itself felt considerably better. As I am gearing up to continue to share Douglass and Firetoks experience I cant help but recall some of the anger and pain which fueled the first installment. It has been pretty close to 3 years unbelievably since that first chapter began to take its shape. Now all this time has passed I find myself once again reevaluating much of what I consider my life. A somewhat more and less cynical me. How can it be both? Time for me has tempered much, the accumulation of that many more life experiences puts a broader perspective on each subsequent crisis. Good and bad. Benevolent and Evil. There is just as much as another out there to experience and dwell on. I will continue to concentrate on the positive while the negative pursues me with all of its might and persistence.