Content= Value

Content in the digital world is not just the future of the internet as we know it, it is the present as well.

It took me a while to understand what content is but I think it amounts to value. Or at least good content provides value.

Oversimplified? Maybe.

If someone is going to consume your content, it needs to provide some value.

The weather report on a day I plan an outdoor project, a coupon the day I am ready to make a purchase for example. How to coincide delivery of that nugget just when I need it can not so easily be accomplished but I can say with confidence- bombarding me with promotion continuously wont get me as a consumer looking your direction.

I look at my Twitter feed and see the nonsense some people are tweeting, it reminds me more of a shopping channel where each user is thoughtlessly screaming (or tweeting in this case) for my attention.

Bottom line, they likely wont get it.

I liken it to subscribing to a cable television package where its all commercials all the time. Who wouldn't get sick of changing the channel. I see a post that looks interesting, I more likely will look. I find someone who actually answers a question, I am really interested now.

Am I that different from anyone else?

I doubt it. People are too busy to waste a bunch of their valuable time reading through piles of ads.