Spring has Arrived

Here's to the next day in the rest of my life. The weather girl said it will be warmer today than it has been since October, without doing the math, that is exactly a long time. I did steaks on the grill last night, it felt a little surreal being surrounded by clumps and piles of snow and ice everywhere yet being comfortable in a jacket. Spring just always seems to represent hope in my mind. I came outside this morning to see geese migrating north and the maple trees all a bud. Yesterday, being the first decent day in months marked annual take your dog out for a walk day. I swear in many cases, its the only time that dog ever gets walked. Spring is here indeed and with it comes a renewed everything. A fresh set of leaves on the trees, mountains of dog crap which arise like pyramids from the melting snow, air that no longer hurts your skin to be outside, being able to breathe without burnt lungs, and wood peckers carving their initials in trees. A great day to be alive I say.