Writing a Journey, not a destination.

I have spent a few minutes this morning outlining what I will call Chapter 2 of the Firetok saga, such as it is. Mentally it has been in the works for quite a time. I know the story I want to tell and am working towards a more organized approach at the execution. Something which makes my mind grind is how much of where I am in life comes out in whatever it is I write. For me I would say this is the biggest part of the therapy and more important a reason to write, or paint or sing or beat on a guitar. Whatever it is that lets that little part of you out. Recently Dianna brought me something I had written forever ago. It may have been done in pencil on real paper. My reaction was wow, not much has changed has it? I have said it so many times before. If I could find even half of the notebooks I wrote in over the years, it would likely fill a big box. Similar the old adage life is a journey, so is writing as I experience it.