The process will take you somewhere...

I just read and very good and brief article on how to write a novel.

Great idea, not uncommon.

The author (Monica Bruno) of the article made a point about some people wanting to read what she wrote. I have to totally agree. Some will. There will be critics and cynics and people who will lift there noses at your "less than perfect" masterpiece.

Screw them, (the nose lifters, that is) not intentionally trying to be crude, but you can't worry about it. There will be others who can not wait for you to give them more. For me, I would love for people to love what I write, who wouldn't right? But, having been down the road already, that is not what gives me the pleasure in writing. It gives me more pleasure, I have to be honest, but getting feedback sometimes makes me uncomfortable because I am so surprised someone actually read something I wrote. The feedback gets a little lost in my disbelief.

The key to writing your book as far as I am concerned and I have said it many times before-

Do it. Just do it, nothing more complicated than that. (To start with!)

The book wont write itself and even the most terrible book ever written is worth something to the author.

The process will take you somewhere else, somewhere you maybe never imagined.