Can you be the positive person in someones elses life?

It takes a big couch for a big dog to take a big nap. 

I have maintained for many years you can learn an awful lot from a dog.

I love to see animals being used for therapy. In some cases I think the animals know more about what a person needs than the people do.

So often I have to make an effort to love a difficult person. I haven't met too many dogs that took that effort. I love the way dogs pace themselves. I feel I must grind out a work and when I am not working I must be thinking about work. Its a vicious ugly cycle which is all too easy to get caught up in.

My personal experience would be that by Sunday when I tried to take a break I would be overcome with guilt for getting away from work for a few hours. Its a stupid way of life. I use the word stupid because I cannot think of a stronger word.

A dog will work his ass off and then nap. Something to be said for that.

One of the things I learned from my dad, although I did not understand it until now, is to share in other peoples joy. It didn't matter what the accomplishment was or who did it, his enthusiasm was no different than if the impossible had been accomplished and made possible.

A dog will always do that when people are too busy about themselves to look outward. Looking at things now as a much older person I have a slightly better understanding of how much of an impact a single person can make by being a positive force in someones life.

I am not comparing my dad to a dog, I lost him a lot of years ago and only as I grow older get a glimpse of his wisdom.

Having someone in your life to celebrate your accomplishments is invaluable even if that person happens to be a dog. I wish like hell that person could be my dad again but for the time being I need to be that person to someone else.