How to become an overnight success

I came across a very interesting article explaining how to become a very successful writer. 

The article went on to discuss some very prominent entrepreneurs from American days gone by. It was dead on.

A successful artist is one who has found an audience willing to monetize their work. A dream come true right? An independent author would be ahead of the game to realize they essentially are a small business. I really don't like it, but it is true. I have heard a myth of writers doing so well other magical people showed up to do promoting, marketing, financials and so forth for them. I have heard of many more less mythical creatures who do it themselves. I hope to have an encounter with some of these mysterious people as well as bigfoot as soon as possible, but in the meantime...

A week or so ago I had a meeting with a young musician getting ready to set out to get discovered. His plan involves a band, indie rock. They have some songs. That's about what the plan is. I very much want him to be successful in this endeavor. He is a great musician and quite passionate about his work. They are banking on "getting discovered".

These areas are so similar. I have the benefit of having been an entrepreneur myself as well as aspiring to write... more. With what is going on today it would be a mistake to think anyone is going to "get discovered" without a great deal of effort behind it. And I am not using "great deal" lightly. It doesn't make sense.

It is much more than having a fantastic product, someone needs to know about that product. The product has to be so good the user is compelled to spread the word. I think about the phenomenal success of Taylor Swift, who admits she used to write songs and put them on something like myspace for her friends. Her product was good enough- her audience grew. She has gone on to master building an audience which is what the boiled down business side of any enterprise is.

I don't especially like it. I kind of hate it, but its true. 

The base element in all the historic entrepreneurs was a willingness to spend their time working. I can't know, but they probably worked harder and longer than anyone, next thing you know they were outrageously successful.

Hard dedicated work.

Lots and lots of it, with a "great deal" of persistence and more hard dedicated work-

that is the road to being an overnight success.