I will dare to care and I will get hurt.

We were walking and talking yesterday and the subject of caring came up. I tend to care a lot, sometimes I think too much. The one thing I have determined for certain about caring is the more you care the more you will get hurt. The levels rise together. One grows in silence until the moment it is unleashed. I swear its a symbiotic relationship. Obviously it doesn't happen instantly but the two are inextricably linked. Caring with abandon has the potential to lead to being completely crushed. Why? Because you have opened yourself up and exposed your strengths and vulnerabilities. Will I stop doing it? No probably not, loving and caring is my default. Will I do it over and over with the same person? That is the question I need to answer since I can change no one. I can only change me. I will choose to go on caring because I will not allow someone else to have that power over me. I will dare to care and I will get hurt.