It is never too late to fight ignorance.

The most violent element in society is ignorance.
Emma Goldman

I find this a very thought provoking quote. I had a situation the other day where one person was very thoughtless in his comment and spewed out a few lines which could have been very hurtful. The situation was handled. The person who made the comment was corrected accordingly, and the receiver was addressed. I tried to explain how typically someone being mean usually comes from a place of ignorance. I believe combating ignorance with knowledge on a person to person level is a fairly easy battle for an intelligent thinking person. The argument can easily be won yet affecting change is nowhere that easy. Some people choose to be ignorant. As asinine as that sounds, its the truth. A place of ignorance can be a place of comfort much like an abusive relationship. These relationships seldom make sense from the outside, yet from the inside it might look more like an inescapable prison. I am not sure if there is a point to be made here. So often it seems ignorance or what might be considered evil or wrong triumphs over good.
Then a friend of mine shared an article which caught my attention. The very short version of a long, fairly well written piece was this. An Adam Sandler movie was being made. A number of Native or Indigenous Americans (as the author put it) were acting in the movie. The actors determined their culture was being disrespected by the movie makers so they walked off the set. It sounds like they quit. There is a whole well of information about a struggle which has very awful roots in our country addressed in the article. Part of a line taken out of context from the article helps explain a little. "let me strongly encourage you to read up on power, sexism, discrimination, micro aggression, privilege, oppression, racism, within the context of Indigenous peoples"
I would go on the strongly encourage anyone to read the full article and spend some time thinking about it. I will admit the article does not explain what exactly the actors were protesting and evidently the details do not matter. They felt whatever was happening was bad enough to make a stand and remove themselves.  I have to be honest I am no expert on any of this. My post began about ignorance and it found its way into an ignorance I can barely comprehend. When it comes to my reaction to the statement made by the actors, I can't really come up with a better word than wow. A group of people willing to make a stand on their beliefs that not only will not benefit them positively monetarily, it likely will do just the opposite. And lose a chance at an opportunity for a brush with fame. I say again wow. It seems to me so much of our society is corrupt and the morality of putting wealth before much of anything is just about everywhere. I applaud this decision to do just the opposite. I am encouraged by the thought of people in our country willing to make a stand for what they believe to be right. It makes me happier to know someone is still willing to fight the good fight. If your eyes make it this far, please share it with someone. It is never too late to fight ignorance.