This might be how I define inspiration today.

Here is what I have to say today. To start with, it is a great day. Why? Because I have chosen to see it that way. I was working with a group of kids the other day and they were beating themselves up about some mistakes each had made in live performance we did Saturday. The self critiques were fairly consistent. I messed up this or that, I could have done this.... My reply to all the criticism was the same. You will never get any better at something you don't do. I will stand by this in music, writing, a skill a sport. As far as I am concerned it does not matter. The performance each of them delivered was flawed and imperfect. The performances I witnessed were inspiring and magical. Something about witnessing someone bearing their soul and deliberately putting it all out there touches me. The honest expression of passion does much more for me than a polished, choreographed act. It makes me want to reach that honesty myself. This might be how I define inspiration today.