A couple thoughts on Memorial Day.

I grew up in the same small town I chose to raise my own children. I remember as a pretty young kid going to the Memorial Day parade and afterword attending the ceremony at the cemetery. I can recall from the youngest age taps being played by two buglers at the conclusion of the ceremony. The second player would be just out of sight. It created a chilling effect. In high school I played at least one Memorial day parade in the marching band but I can't say I remember much about it. This past Monday we watched the parade and walked over to the cemetery for the ceremony. Veterans groups always provide remembrances for fallen service members and eventually provide a 21 gun salute. For quite a few years now the names of the civil war dead from the county are read. Its a sobering list. We move from one war to another, every time a new list of names of those who perished. I see the veterans groups members dwindle year by year. I am not sure if anyone has figured out why the younger vets are not participating nearly in the numbers they once enjoyed. I personally wonder about the controversy surrounding the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and how these attitudes might affect veterans. I am constantly reading about how many of these young people are coming home with problems our government is ill equipped to treat. I doubt it is any amount different from days gone by, similar problems with a much greater social awareness. It is still a sickening situation. These people willingly get put into situations where there is no possible way of understanding the long term repercussions. That's how it is. I respect the sacrifice and hope I can do more to understand their plight and hopefully be able to make a contribution to help. I salute those who made the ultimate and final sacrifice in the name of our Nation. May their acts never be forgotten or squandered.