Concentrate on the Positive

I was thinking the other day about how much I really hate dishonest people. I really don't hate much. Hate is a counterproductive emotion for me. It is a subject which is not new. I cant imagine it is even a generational thing. Dishonesty seems to be so ingrained in our culture it makes me apprehensive. These kids who have grown up in the "Survivor" era ought to do real well in politics and business when their time comes. The ones who win the game by being the dirtiest scoundrel in the bunch. The gnarliest ugly liar prevails.  A little ironic. I tend to go for the cliche of the good guy coming out on top even if he takes a beating on the way. I am alright with that. Among all the wonderful, positive things on this earth, there is a lot of nasty as well. I look at someone who will look you in the eye and smile while they totally are lying and betraying you as among the lowest of the species. I will continue to make my effort concentrate on the positive while eliminating the negative. Life is too short to do otherwise.