3 Guaranteed ways to increase effective communication

Over the winter I had the opportunity to  work with a very special person. She had been taking guitar lessons for a couple of months and was getting ready to quit. She just wasn't enjoying it. I stepped in and took over her lessons. I listened to her a lot, and tried to see what the problem was. She had some basics down but she could not really play much of anything. The typical scenario from not practicing, its a very common thing.
 I listened.
 I listened more.
 I continued to listen until I figured out what it was she needed and then became able to assist her in a solution. This took a couple weeks to diagnose but we got there. The next step was to help her achieve a tiny victory. This tiny victory led to the boost in confidence which led to another slightly larger victory. Once she became confident in her ability to achieve victory over herself and her preconceptions, she began mastering every song she tried to play. It was an incredible experience to witness. Unfortunately for me, her family moved back to Germany from the U.S. and I no longer have to privilege work with her.

The big picture? I have no secret powers. I took the time to listen and really pay attention to what was going on. Trust me here, I am not blowing my own horn, I am asking a question about how we can help each other. How many times have you seen the quote about listening isn't waiting for the other person to stop talking so you can say your piece. Many, many times. How many times have I felt compromised by something someone else said or did to me? I choose not to answer this, it would be far too depressing. I have to ask why? Why allow someone else to affect who I am or who you are? Believe me I know it sounds easier than it truly is but it is definitely worth the fight.This is a almost a separate topic, but it ties into what I am talking about. Communication is at the root of nearly everything I can think of. Spirituality, love, business, advertising, think about it. Honestly listening equates to approximately half of communication (not sure what the math is but somewhere around 50% is my estimate). if I boil it down to an interpersonal level. And the interpersonal level, isn't that where we live? I realize the younger generation lives on a screen and the one on one interactions have been dumbed down to a like button or its equivalent...
 but what about real communication?
My top three suggestions for more effective communication, in order:

2.Listen more.
3.Continue to listen.