Can Brutal Honesty change lives?

Here is an interesting thing which happened just recently. I was in a discussion with someone whom I share a pretty honest relationship. We have been together two years less than forever, so some might describe it as brutal honesty. Here is what I was told, "I like you better now."

That is brutal honesty. 

I don't think I need to explain the implications. Several months ago I was pushed into executing a decision I had made many months prior. I felt I could not execute it for none other than financial reasons. I was stuck in a futile, ignorant toxic atmosphere and stayed for what I see now as nothing more than money and the fear of the unknown.

It gets more idiotic now as I look back and realize what I could not see at the time. Retrospect is always so clear and easy, nothing in my life is clear and easy in real time. I ask myself, how could I convey this to someone else and possibly help them avert a similar situation. I am not sure I can. I can say many of the really good things in my life went ignored for too long.

What could that possibly be worth? It was not all bad, there is a lot to be said of making the best of a situation, but too much unnecessary stress is really, truly not worth it. How many times have I heard the thing about becoming the people you surround yourself with. Way too many.

So when you have become the only positive ray of shining light in a sewer of liars, backstabbers and cheats, its inevitable it will affect you.

It might not have the force to convert you over to the dark side but it will make an effect nonetheless. Just continuously being in contact with this element has the power to change a person. How could any of this help someone else? I am happier now than I have been in my life to date. I am involved in a venture which is really affecting positive change in the people I work with. This could not have occurred in the same way previously.

What if someone had been honest enough a year or two ago to tell me the toxic atmosphere I was in was tarnishing me? 

Could it have made a difference?

There is no way to know because my judgement was off. Could you or I be that person to someone else? Pretty sure the answer is yes. Do you care about anyone else enough give them brutal honesty? Chances are good they wont appreciate it... at first.

Try it sometime, it is way harder than it sounds.