Inspiration is Arriving beyond Fear. More on Understanding Horror.

Believe it or not I have been reading more about this mysterious genre called horror.

My original quandary on the subject was fueled in part by an interview with Michaelbrent Collings on the CreativePenn.

I returned to the scene of the crime.

This time I am digging around on his site reading through his blog posts. It would seem that my original hypothesis about the inspirational aspect of horror is not far from what he describes. He places a large emphasis first, on the type of horror which is more than just the elicitation of disgust, he actually refers to this type as pornography.

So what I am discussing here, is the type of horror which exposes or elicits a much deeper fear. Once we have discovered this fear there must be the other side of that fear. The conquest of the fear, the profound experience of overcoming that which would or could have undone us. Coming out on the other side of it, if you will.

This to me would be inspiring.

Getting there may be difficult or nearly impossible at times. Some gruesome events may occur along the way. The glimmer of hope which propels someone forward against their worst fear or risking loss of their most prized possession, I see that as inspiring.

What is my outlook? What is your outlook? Do you experience a series of awful events and quit or figure out some way to persist and carry on? 

Some people don't have the option of giving up, others just wouldn't if they could. Of course we need to cover the whole spectrum, so some of us will give up at the first sign of trouble.

Obviously we are not all the same, there are different thresholds, we all have lived different lives. The culmination of our experiences has a great deal to do with where we are now.

Now is where I am living. 

I can be inspired by a cute little fluffy kitten as well as by the person who was forced to face their fears and figured out a way to overcome. I have read fear is the strongest of human emotions. It makes sense to me that there must be the other side of fear in order for fear to exist.

This group of emotions is where I understand horror should take me. Maybe kicking and screaming and possibly even begging to quit along the way, but overcoming that worst fear must lead to somewhere good. Hopefully somewhere very good.

This to me is inspiring despite the difficult and maybe even disturbing journey.

Arriving beyond the fear is inspiration.