REAL PEOPLE I’VE MET ON TWITTER! Guest Post by Katherine Dell

Today I am making a bit of a departure from my usual activity to welcome a guest blogger and fellow author Katherine Dell. Katherine prefers YA fiction and is deep into editing her first full length novel, which should be ready in the not too distant future. The subject of the post is a topic I can agree with and ironically enough, the two of us met on Twitter almost by accident and have enjoyed some conversation well beyond the 140 character limit. There is definitely more to Twitter than meets the eye and plenty of real people who have very interesting things to say. Please read on and be inspired.


It seems these days that a lot of people treat Twitter like their own flashing neon billboard. Buy this! Re-tweet my post! Join my team! Be my ultimate fan! Sure, Twitter is a great platform to promote yourself. I promote my self and my writing all the time on social medias, but it’s easy to get turned off of it when a good chunk of it is a tidal wave of people’s spammy ads. Now, before you all get discourage in Twitter-land let me share with you a few real people I’ve meet in the Twitter-verse.

She’s a nonfiction creative writer, freelance editor, speaker, and aspiring literary agent. She has an incredible zest for all things literary and is very interesting to chat with on the topic of publishing and author platforms.
Kurt hails from across the pond, and is the author of the Truth Teller fantasy series. He has a wealth of Twitter tips and is a pleasure to chat with online. His BlogSpot Genius Bordering Insanity is also a very witty read!
Adam is the author of the YA series, The Yellow Hoods, and fellow Calgarian. I met Adam at a book signing. The store manager said I must meet this this genius of indie author marketing, and I’m glad I did. If you can catch him between zealous writing spells and energetic comicons, Adam likes to chat ‘books’ over the strongest cup of coffee know to man. No correlation to his writing speed I’m sure.
I recently met Kelly on Twitter. She’s not published yet but she’s one to watch out for! She writes in the YA, with genres including horror, psychological thrillers, and urban fantasy.
A wonderful person who loves her vampires! B.K. writes dark erotic urban fantasy. She also writes an upfront and interesting blog. Check it out

There are many more I could have mentioned on this blog… but it would have gotten too long. I encourage you all to make your own list of ‘real Twitter people’. Don’t get discouraged. Start treating Twitter more like a water cooler than a flashing ad and you might be surprised at what an enjoyable pace to hangout Twitter can be.
Happy Tweeting

Here is a link to the original post on Katherine Dells site.