Inspiration from Horror and Life. A "Horror" Authors Perspective

Guest Post by Author Julie Ann Hacker

Here is the next in the series of exploration, this time more into the genre of horror. Why am I hung up here? For me it is because I was (am) so ignorant on the subject and nearly clueless on what the horror genre has become and what exactly it encompasses. I realize, a modern genre is more about marketing than content, but if you are an independent author, this is something you need to understand. Here is an author who also agrees our culture has been so saturated with real horror we have become numb to it. In her words- 

We've gotten lulled into not calling the news "horror." 

She also has a dream of inspiring readers with her writing regardless of which genre she gets put in. In her case it may not be traditional horror, but horror nonetheless. My biggest thrill in conversing with Julie was her surprise at her work being considered horror. I totally understand how this can happen. Trust me here, or check out some of my older posts. Julie's desire to help other people really resonates with me. This says more about her character in a sentence than I could in a page. I sincerely hope her thoughts will encourage other writers and readers to join in the discussion. Thank you Julie for taking the time to share your experience.

Recently, Gordon and I ran into each other on Twitter. I’m not sure how it all started but I saw a post of his saying something about a new genre, inspirational horror. I was intrigued. An inkling fell over me, this may be where I fit in to the writing world.
Never did I realize I was a horror writer. I never set out to be. My only concern was writing a good story with underlying principles and all the creepiness our humanness offers on an everyday basis. And even though I’m not convinced I’m accomplishing my goal, good reviews continue coming in for The Dead Dance Faster – Unsacred Awakening. I noticed a couple of them mentioning horror. People on twitter from the “horror” genre started following me and I them. I figured why not. I didn’t take it too seriously until I reminded myself why I write. Not only for fun, but to inspire others to see they’re not alone. “Like, hey, something like this really happened to me,” I could picture them saying.  
My purpose is always to help, lift, and edify people. By reading The Dead Dance Faster series and other inspirational horror such as Gordon’s (and I know there are others out there), readers can understand on some level how to come through life’s horrors a stronger person willing to fight for who they truly are and the life they deserve. If they read it happening to a fictional character then hope stands firm attaching itself to another part of the psyche. Oh, yeah, that’s inspirational; although not in the traditional sense.
We’re used to being spoon fed hope and inspiration through other avenues such as religion, education, or counselors. Inspiration can come from religion, education, or counselors. Don’t get me wrong. But, they are certainly not a means to an end. I mean, really, the Bible is one of the most horror-filled literary pieces ever written, not to mention, the most widely read work of literature since mankind began writing. No, no, not a means to an end, but only the beginning.
Will people be willing to take away glimmers of hope and inspiration from fictional horror? Are times progressive enough for people to be open to new, unheard of genres? This I don’t know. But, I will say, there seems to be others, like Gordon, who are listening to their own instincts. So, if horror is what speaks to many people, then it should be written and used and pondered…and INSPIRATIONALLY PROGRESSIVE!
For those who don’t necessarily crave traditional horror, or want a break to try something new, this may just be the venue for you.

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