Five fabulous reasons to self-publish right now!

Here is the next installment in an exploration into publishing. A Guest Post by Bibiana Krall. She has a book  due out next week, but that is not what she is talking about today. This is some thoughtful insight on her top five of how she ended up on the self publish side of things for her upcoming release. As always, this is a discussion. If you find something you agree or disagree with, let's talk about it. Bibiana, welcome to the blog.

Congratulations! You wrote your book! What happens now? 

My name is Bibiana Krall. I am a self-published (Indie) novelist and rainy day blogger. It is a delight to be here as a guest with my friend Gordon A. Wilson and to present a few positive aspects of self-publishing. You will find that my reasons are similar to many Indie writers.

Hopefully you have done some research and are aware of market trends and know where to reach the people that will appreciate all your hard work. This is not a race. Tell yourself that and pace yourself accordingly.

There is no right or wrong way to do this. Trust yourself and learn as much as possible about what works and what doesn’t. Prepare to work smart and work harder than you ever expected. So come on, let’s get real…

1.Control-You are a creative person and this is your baby.

How many hours have been invested and what is it you really want to accomplish? When you self-pub it is important to understand who and why people will be drawn to your work. There is a misconception that snagging a traditional book deal means you can move to the Bahamas and someone else does the marketing for you. Wrong. If you have created your own successful brand like Stephen King or J.K. Rowling… you can stop reading, because you have arrived.

If you are doing most of the work, you may as well be steering the ship. Are you seeking the status of the publishing house or are you after something else? After the legion of people involved with your book in traditional publishing get their cut, there isn’t a whole lot of dinero left for you. Envision a pizza and a room full of starving teenagers. Need I say more?

I have learned in my forty-six years to never say never. It is possible traditional publishing will come into play at some point, but right now this is exactly what I want to do.

2. Technology-We live in a world of instant connections, software and social media providing us the ability to reach people across the globe.

Gone are the days when word of mouth or a brick and mortar bookstore are the only options for us. People are reading again, especially for pleasure. It is easier than ever to create and distribute your work. Just a year ago I saw numbers of approximately 18 percent of the market share for self publishing authors. I have recently seen reports of 50 percent! It is amazing how quickly this is changing. This is our time to take the car out on that country road and rev the engine!

Createspace is one amazing example of what you can utilize to help yourself. They will help you format paperbacks and distribute directly to Amazon. For free! Electronic delivery of your book on additional platforms is even easier. Research the choices and decide what will give you the edge for your work.

John Grisham would have gone for this in a heartbeat. He must have gotten awfully tired of selling his books from the trunk of his car. You must be willing to try anything, just like he was… to get it out there. The beauty is you don’t have to anymore.

3. Organic content- You know your brand best!

Just in case you haven’t figured it out, as a writer you are the brand. There are no company meetings or publicists telling you how or when to do things, if you self-pub. When you see a trend or a way to get out there, you can jump on it and roll. When I had some changes to make in my latest project Carolina Spirit, I made them immediately and proceeded as needed.

I had an enlightening conversation with Gordon about this knowledge. People desire real, and honest content. When you engage massive filters of editors, publicists and executives… what really happens to your project? Perhaps it is improved, but perhaps it isn’t. In self-publishing you can be as honest and open as your heart allows. Isn’t that what drove you to write in the first place? #no filters #creative license

4. Deadlines-They exist even when it is your project, but you control how and when your content is delivered.

A traditionally published book can take up to two years or more to hit the shelves. If your book refers to technology or current social issues, by the time your book is out there, it is already a dinosaur. A little pressure is a good thing. It helps propel you forward and gives a feeling of urgency. If you don’t publish the book, it won’t ever be seen. How is that for some wisdom? Discipline is important, but it should be for the right reasons.

If your phone is constantly ringing or you don’t take the sage advice of your editor and people are interrupting your creative time, your work suffers. There is no real deadline when you self-publish. If you want to change the date or move it to match your busy schedule, then so be it. The contract in self-pub is one you make with yourself alone. There are no attorneys wandering into my office and no fine print to worry about. The buck stops here.

5. Freedom-This is the #1 reason for me. You are the toilet scrubber and the CEO of your small business.

I have spent the majority of my life working for corporations. There are rules and criteria that must be met within policy. As a self publishing writer, you will make or break your own policies every day. If an hour needs to be spent working on something else, so be it. If you can devote all of your Saturday morning to editing you totally should! No explanation is needed, as to why you scanned your badge and fired up ye olde coffee pot.

Perhaps you penned a brilliant YA novel and have decided that you enjoy writing horror or suspense more? If you signed a legal contract, it doesn’t matter if you enjoy it or not. You need to fulfill your obligations at the cost of your creative freedom. Life is a constant in doing things you prefer not to. Why would you limit where you travel with you inner voice and creativity?

Bottom line-No matter what happens from here, congratulate yourself. You created something that took a lot of devotion and time.You don’t have to generate a million dollars to realize that you did something awesome! Creative life is not about money and spreadsheets. It is about living, experiencing and stopping to smell the roses. Your legacy will always have this accomplishment and that is pretty incredible right?

So whatever you decide to do from here, remember this. You are in control and you can give it away or do it your way. The future is in your hands. Trust your inner voice to help formulate the right plan for you and your project. Remember to be flexible no matter what! Don’t give up!Getting it right will involve mistakes, so allow them to pave the way to your future success.

Let’s be friends on Twitter @Bibiana1Krall. Come take a peek at my books and website to view my latest book projects. It is never too late to live a creative life and take chances. Peace and love- Bibiana

A million thanks to my new friend Gordon for hosting me on his wonderful blog and his insight along the way. You are the best!