Inspiration from the Moon?

If I am getting this right, this weekend is a pretty rare one. Sunday will be a super moon, Blood Moon, autumnal equinox and a lunar eclipse. I wrote a big long explanation of what all this means but I didn't understand it so, I will say its a full moon with a bunch of other things which have not occurred together in over thirty years. What does that mean for me?

I have invited social media consultant, deep thinking motivator, and all around great person Katie Dufort to field some questions on the lunar events and a little on life and where she finds inspiration.

How do you think the supermoon and eclipse affect you personally?

I've always noticed when a full moon was about to happen. The moon controls the waves in the ocean, a gravitational effect, and like the waves crashing, so do my days prior to full moons.

Can you describe your personal experience?

Its like everything that can possibly go wrong will and does. Today we are merely days from the Harvest Moon on the 27th, and I kid you not, I had to take 3 detours to get to class this morning. All I can do is blame this funk I'm in on this blasted moon! This will continue for the days coming up to the moon and all I can do is just roll with the punches.

Where did you come to these beliefs?

I've always been a believer is supernatural powers, if you will. There can only be so many coincidences, before you stop and think, "okay...this is meant to be." It really makes you start to think. There's a greater plan for us out there, whether they be religious or spiritual, and we only have so much control over that. What will be, will be. You can't let it ruin you day. How I like to think about it is, that detour may have saved my life. If I had been two minutes earlier, I could have been involved in that accident on the highway, but because of my detour, I get to live another day. I get an another chance at life.

Do you feel the lunar events actually impact people or do you think the events give people a measuring point or reason to make changes?

Lunar events absolutely impact people. Haven't you ever heard? There's nothing like a night in the ER like on a full moon night. Humans are made up of 75% water. With the moon and gravity having such an effect on the earth's water, how could it not?

Why would you encourage someone to make a change during the lunar event compared to any other time?

Even with everything going wrong in a day for you, you can't let that determine how the rest of week, month, year or life, will be. There's a reason we have full moons so often; it's a chance for you to let go of the bad and take on the new. It's an opportunity to make a change. If you don't like how your life is going, do something about it, or change the way you think about it.

Do people have influence over lunar related change? Or am I even asking the right question here?

I think that people have influence over how they accept what's happening to them during lunar phases. I could have easily given up after the first detour I was forced to take. But I didn't, and I continued on and was faced with two more. You have to think about the long term more than the short term. If I would have given up and went home, I'd have missed class. If I'd have missed class, I'd be behind in school and miss a chance at a degree. A better home and life are at stake, my children's future could be altered. You can't let it stress you, but you should let it propel you. Don't give up just because of one little detour. Look at that moon and all it's craters. Every single crater is proof that it has taken a beating time and time again. But no matter what, it keeps going and shining on and so should you.

Summing things up.

Unfortunately all too often we think, we suspect, sometimes even know we need to make a change. But what happens? If there is a way out of getting our cheese moved, we keep it right where it is? Yes. Don't move the cheese until it becomes unavoidable. I am not alone here.

What does any of this have to do with the ultra rare lunar events about to occur? Could be a lot if you believe in it but even if you dont, it is still a significant enough of an event for anyone to stop and take stock of their current situation. Is there that one little nagging item I have been ignoring? Is there an elephant in the room? Maybe something anywhere in between. I can only answer for it myself but I think this weekend will be a good time to slow down and really look inward. Maybe even before I run out and howl at the moon.

Thanks for the insite Katie.

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