Inspiration from Wanting to Be a Better Person

So much has been going on here lately I don't even know where to start.

I have had some really valuable conversations with people I have known forever and some whom I only recently met. The age of the relationship doesn't really matter but the diversity of topic is more than interesting.

I have heard how people are putting things in their life together through writing. I could not be more thrilled.

More than a few have found inspiration from something on this site enough to help them in their own personal journey. Maybe it was just a nudge or more, but something happened. Anyone who knows anything about me will know how humbling this is. Not only humbling, a sincere compliment. I have found the same inspiration.

I have been inspired by so many people and things along my journey. The people who so generously have chosen to share with me, you make a difference. I get your letters and am blown away. Thank you.  I am also fortunate enough to have someone to share with on a full time basis. In my case I have a best friend whom I have also been married to since we were like 5 years old. We have been through it all together. When that guy said for better or worse, we set out to prove it and then some. Having someone in your life you can always count on is a rarity.

Who am I kidding?

Having anyone you can really count on is a rarity.

What a blessing it is to have that in my life. More people need this. I have written on several occasions about my dad. He and I were very close. When I was younger, we definitely went through some patches. As I grew up and matured I really began to count on him. It took years for me understand he was the one person as my father who could have that kind of faith in me. That unshakable, indescribable confidence. That, you are making a huge mistake here but I still love you kind of relationship. Loss of that person in a life is a pretty permanent feeling. Devastating.

So I am not really trying to talk about loss I am talking about inspiration and helping someone else out. You can't have one without the other. If I did not once have that unshakable support, I would have experienced no loss.

Is the devastation worth the enrichment? Yes.

We can't go around afraid of getting hurt enough to miss out on the enrichment phase. Can we shield ourselves from situations sure to bring us down. Absolutely, it's part of emotional survival. Can and should. Can anyone look around and find this type of support? Not as easily as giving the support to someone else. This is the part as a person I can control. That is the part I can do. Will you be able get a guarantee of reciprocity? No. As much as I try, it makes no sense to expect something from someone else. I can hope, wish, want and a bunch of other words, but expectations are based on me not them. In order for me to receive this type of support, I must provide that type of support. In order for me to have this thing I have to be this thing. This could be a little motivation to be a better person. A more caring, better listening, honestly concerned individual.

A scene from the old "As Good as it Gets" movie comes to mind. "You make me want to be a better man." It does not have to be gender specific. If I am going to have any expectation from you, I need to be that person to you.

Bottom note-

I am so thankful I have that one person who cared enough to say, "go write something". She knew enough about me to know I had a lot to deal with and how I would get it fixed. That my friend is inspiration.