Rebalancing the Universe with Cute Bunnies

It would seem I need to do a follow up to my kind of deeply disturbing last post.

It has bothered me likely more than anyone else but it is still on my mind. I am not a very morbid person unless being honest falls into the category. For some I suppose that is the case. I have been thinking quite a bit not so much about mortality or you know the other stuff in that article but I was thinking more like what could I do to offset that one.

I wanted almost to apologize but that is not the right term. I remember reading something the most famous author wrote about how his mind worked. A vague recollection was something like, you see a pretty lake scene. I see the monster about ready to come out of the lake... I cannot take the trash to the dumpster without bracing for whatever it is which will jump out at me. I am not kidding. Every time. Nothing ever happens but I am always prepared. The student who hides behind the door and yells, scaring the breath out of me, every time. I have not gotten to that point of preparedness yet.

My spirit has been telling me I need to reset the balance of the universe after the whole crematory dog walk incident.

What could possibly have the power to offset that oft disturbing content which flows from my mind?

I started thinking about cute little bunnies. Not the Hugh Hefner type, the rabbit type. What could possibly be less disturbing than bunnies? No need to think about the hungry wolf just out of site. Put that out of mind for the moment. Let's stick with fluffy, adorable bouncing bunnies. Kittens are kind of cute too, but bunnies have to take top placing. We have one of those super cute all white mini bunnies with all the super fluffy fur. I am told it is a mini lion head? I am not sure what her name really is, every rabbit at our house has one name from me. She was originally purchased by one of my kids who moved out and left his pets behind, subsequently forgetting about them. I am kind of glad he chose to have rabbits rather than children. His care taking ability could use a bit of refinement.

So back to the bunny. She is completely adorable in appearance. Her personality leaves a little to be desired, a trait believe it or not I have also experienced in humans who have been endowed with a little too much physical attractiveness. Interesting how that works. In Bunny Love's case, she isn't conceited nor does she look down on us because we are not pretty, as far as I know she hasn't even taken her first "selfie", she is just a little skittish. Rabbits have a built in flight response, what else could a non Monty Python rabbit do besides run from trouble? Back to her looks. I was truly asking myself what makes a bunny cute? This led to the question, what makes anything cute? There is science to it. Here is another one of those moments of disbelief. The science of being cute?

Kinderschema. Essentially 5 traits humans find attractive. The term adds one German word to my vocabulary which is not a delicious sausage I would love to eat with some type of cabbage and lots of beir. The five traits. Large round head. Large protruding forehead. Large eyes set below mid line on the face. Large bulging cheeks. Rounded body and soft body surfaces. That is my non scientific description. As I consider these, the space alien cartoon definitely comes to mind but I think he is disqualified on the cheek requirement. Every Disney character I can remember pretty easily fits in though.

Without getting into debate about specifics, a babies eyes are pretty close if not exactly the size when born as an adult. Not necessarily pertinent to the matter at hand but I find that interesting. If I ever heard it before, I forgot. 

Lets get back to being cute. Evidently babies have this universal attractiveness in part as a survival mechanism. As the human grows in ability to care for itself it also outgrows its cuteness. I have seen enough teenagers to accept this as fact without further research. I could likely find a group of scientists willing to do a study on how their attitudes become such that the adults of the species are very much discouraged from interaction possibly to the point of kicking them out of the nest, donating them to the Salvation Army, sending them to boarding school or something similar. If you have not had teenage kids, or don't remember being one, ignore the last sentence.

How does all of this cuteness translate back to Bunny Love? It would seem humans are willing to take the same traits we identify as cute and apply them to animals as well. I really get this. I cannot see a picture of a baby monkey of any species and not want to hold it. I have seen a few human babies where this truly was not the case, but monkeys- always. I even realize the baby monkey will eventually grow into a rebellious gotta be me ape who will trash the house, his mother, my values and other things, but it is such a cute baby.

So Bunny Love has all the kinderschema traits right? The answer is yes, all of them. With one high level extra weapons grade secret. She isn't just hairy, any dog or opossum is hairy. She is fluffy. If human babies were fluffy, they would never get set down right? What a different world we would live in.

I think I have reset the balance of the universe with cuteness and it wasn't really even that hard. Now I know what is cute and why. That my friend is a long way from horror...or is it?

Bunny Love.