Seven Misconceptions About Horror

Guest Post by T.K.Medlock

1: All horror is demonic.

So not true. Not all horror deals with religious topics. The ones that do usually showcase the battle between good and evil. In a lot of these stories good prevails.

2: Horror writers are the devil's spawn:

Anyone who writes in this genre exclusively is far from evil. To be able to convey such complex themes you have to be evolved. Good and evil coexist in all of us. Anyone who acknowledges this fact is safer than that stranger following you in the grocery store parking lot.

3: If you read it you'll go to hell:

Your religious fate is in your hands not some writers. Grow up.

4: Exposing myself to horrific themes will draw evil to me:

You are the magnet. What you think and feel predominantly you will manifest. If you can't separate reality from make believe then it's best stay away. Period.

5: Horror themed stories fuel killers:

Killers minds fuel killers. Their imaginations are their incentive. Books don't kill know the rest.

6: Spec. fiction hates women and children:

There are some sub-genres that are gonzo out in the market. They do not reflect the entire genre nor define it. Slasher and cyber-punk are two that have themes some find offensive. You cannot judge the whole by the parts. Females write horror and there is a YA horror/paranormal sub-set that is currently thriving.

7: I will start having nightmares if I'm exposed to it.

Wrong. Fear is a universal emotion. The only thing that can induce nightmares is your imagination. Horror can actually help you get over some fears if you sit through a movie or read a book and face a particular fear.

TK Medlock resides in a small town just outside of Houston. Born in New Jersey he lived there and a small town in South Carolina. He lives with his wife and two dogs. Honing his craft of writing and fishing in the gulf are two of his favorite pastimes.