7 Scariest Non Human Horror Characters

As an aficionado of speculative fiction since a young child I have loved stories that have stretched the imagination beyond 'normal' boundaries. My name is TK Medlock and I'm an addict. (Room says 'hi TK). Thank you, and welcome to my take on the scariest 'non human characters of all times. These are the most popular 'standout-ish' if it were. Let's go.

The Top Seven Scariest “Non Human” Horror Characters

7: Christine: The story was written by Stephen King and directed by John Carpenter. Bill Phillips did the screenplay for the movie that had a estimated budget of 9,700,000.00. King brought a 1958 Plymouth Fury to life. The car almost had a love affair with the boy that bordered on obsession. People are hard enough but an old school car made to come alive takes talent.

6: Chucky: The original movie title was Child’s Play. The premise was a mother buys her son a sought after doll for his birthday that is possessed with the soul of a serial killer. This movie cost a estimated 9,000,000.00 to make and grossed over 34,000,000.00. Dolls have been done in the past but this was the first to really hit a home run. This movie was grindhouse of it’s day and spawned countless sequels.

5: Duel: The short story was originally written by Richard Matheson (published in Playboy) who wrote the screenplay. This was Steven Spielberg’s 2nd directorial project and a hit that put him on the map. Richard wrote it based on a true incident that happened when he was actually tailgated by a trucker on the highway resulting in a short bout of road rage. Because the truck was like an antagonist (you only briefly saw the trucker) I include this on my list. The menacing size and presence of the truck ramped up the tension and took on a character all it’s own. Road rage made successful.

4: Jaws: With a tight budget Steven Spielberg got this nod because of Duel. The story was adapted from a Peter Benchley novel. The studios put much pressure on Spielberg for a number of reasons. Because of all the problems that plagued the making of the film it was nicknamed Flaws. All the problems that the mechanical shark had allowed it to only appear in a hand full of shots. The rest of the time they had to use music to substitute when the shark was supposed to be in the shot. The rest is scary movie history. Now every scary antagonist has to have their own scary music. You’re welcome, Friday The 13th’s Jason. They had a 8,000,000.00 budget with a gross of 260,000,000.00 at the box office. Killer hit.

3: Annabelle: A vintage doll that is possessed in connection with some satanic cultists come together to breath life into the scary toy premise. Not since Chucky have we seen a doll with such power to scare. Annabelle is based on a true story. Titled The Conjuring the story was based on a Raggedy Ann doll that was given to a college student with a roommate in her dorm. The doll was purchased in a hobby store. The girls claimed the doll would move from where she would leave it in her room. The creators of the movie made the story work. Scary toys are a stretch for anybody.

2: Cujo: Stephen King is back on the list. The story of a rabid St. Bernard that goes on a killing rampage was not only a huge hit but a signal of the power of King’s narrative. With stories like Christine, Needful Things, Pet Cemetery, It, he was challenging the imaginations of generations to suspend disbelief and fear things that we previously thought had no soul. The dog in this movie died during filming because of bloat proving even he was not invincible.

1: Tremors: Director Ron Underwood actually made us afraid of giant sand, earthworms. This premise was a throwback to films of my childhood like The Fly, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and movies of that vein. The successfulness of this film is the amount of sequels that it has spawned (at last count 5). The first one is my favorite and a Kevin Bacon tour-de-force. Who could not love the father from Family Ties, Michael Gross, and his trusty shotgun wrecking havoc. Bringing a giant earthworm (graboid) to life is some heavy lifting. Kudos to the director and writer.