Video Trailer Unveiling

This is going to be somewhat like a confession. It has been nearly a month since I blogged. I did receive a bit of feedback on the cover and it is nearly complete. Please forgive me. It's not that it hasn't been on my mind, trust me here. I set out some time ago to get this video trailer put together for the relaunch of Firetok. First- Great news, I had an overwhelming blast of support from a terrific group of friends who have volunteered to be on the launch team. They are reading advance copies now in anticipation of February 25 which is launch day.

Back to the video. I have found editing to be a necessary evil akin to paying taxes and going to the doctor. I am talking about editing my books here but video editing isn't much different. When we set out to record what we needed for the trailer I may have found an equally challenging task. I have flushed days worth of work down the delete button toilet numerous times. But there is always that nagging little fear, did I delete flush too much? I have also learned it can take several hours to upload a 12 minute high def video. If I missed a comma in a subtitle and feel strong enough about it to correct it? Hours of upload again. I love learning things. The upload process for Amazon is very similar. Catch a mistake, reupload and jump through all the hoops again. It is a complete and thorough process but I get aggravated when I find some small mistake and have to restart the whole damn thing over... again. That is my problem, back to the video.

We set out to do a several minute trailer kind of like the long version of the movie commercials. Fortunately the batteries went dead in the below freezing weather before our several minutes turned into an epic mini series. There were some obvious spots to chop, but the smaller it got the less I felt I should take out. In the end I said forget about it in my more vulgar verbiage. It's the internet, if someone is interested they will watch it. I still don't see a way to get this down to a couple minutes, so it's about 12. I am very much looking forward to feedback on the trailer. I will also say it has been a very time consuming, fun project which has added to my never ending list of non writing writing essentials. I am glad I did it, and am confident this will lead to more video work.

In another fairly exciting update. All of the front end work is nearing completion for Firetok to become an audio book. I won't reveal details yet as the ink is not dry on any of it. Between being sick and pressing to get the video complete, I had to put it on a back burner. On a pretty neat note altogether different I was surprised to receive a letter from Google granting me my own vanity URL for Youtube, for reasons I cannot explain they waived the standard requirements. I say sweet! I  may only have a video or two to post anyhow but its at least my own URL, Yay.

Here it is. Firetok Trailer.