Naming Books, Babies and an Anniversary Retrospective

One day I suspect I will look back on this blog in wonder and amazement at what I have done considering the time constraints I usually find myself under. But then as Wayne used to say "and monkeys might fly out of my butt." My actual wonder and amazement is how quickly a week evaporates without my say so.

What is going on here? I have been in a very good spot amidst the writing of Firetok 2 which is what I am calling the sequel for now. I am trying not to get attached to the title keeping in mind we didn't name two of our kids for several months out of indecisiveness, instead calling them baby goo goo, poopoo-doodoo-baby or some such  nonsense until necessity forced a formal naming. I need things to evolve and literally discover where a story takes me, not the other way around. I don't entirely understand doing it in the reverse yet but diversity is one of the many spices of life. My creative process, I have proven, is hindered by outlines and I suspect a book title as well. The draft I am currently working on has scraps of outline scattered about. I kick them as I pass, not so much to remove them from my path but to bruise them and make 'em feel bad. To me too much pre-structuring  is an external constraint essentially second guessing the true well from which my creative juice is drawn.

We did the same thing with our big male Pyrenees. We had him for quite awhile before he earned a name. The idea was to let him grow on us and the title would become more apparent. This strategy worked so well for the kids, it is a good thing we didn't wait till they were teenagers for naming purposes. One would surely have forced every teacher to curse everytime they called his name. I still honestly don't understand a whole lot of the current generations fixation on naming a kid shortly after conception but I also believe this is but one of the reasons beyond the obvious age thing, that I am old. I could laugh for hours thinking of post conception baby names and develop a true remorse for the children forced to go through life with them. How many children would be going through life named after tequila brands, one night stands, oh can't even go there, its too painful for my imagination.

What has been on my mind lately? Lots of things but one in particular I will talk about this time. Right about the time Firetok was relaunching and shooting its pinprick of a hole in the Amazon list, this little blog was celebrating an anniversary of sorts. One year previously I decided... no it wasn't necessarily a formal decision it was more of a hey I have this blog I haven't used any time lately, how about write there and keep it all together.

The date was 2/15/2015 and the blog entry looked just like this-

How much can your life change in a day? I think pretty much all of it. It is just so ridiculously easy to get caught up in a bunch of nonsense which will never amount to anything. Bury yourself in a crushing pile of worthless nothing, for what? Money? I suppose, maybe. Survival? I'm not so sure about that. The problem I see now as a retrospect is the further I got from anything I cared about, the more numb I became and the more normal I felt about it all. There were days when the contradiction really bothered me, some more than others for certain. And none of it matters. Not really trying to get all Dust in the Wind here, but I typically invest my time in relationships and people. That seems to be a better place to put my time and spread my love than some of the places which ultimately end up stealing my minutes.

How then has the last year been? I can say everything about it has exceeded my wildest anything. The blog, the book, my career. It has all gone off the rails in a positive way. Huge improvements in nearly every area of my life experience. None of this could I have anticipated and none could have happened without some jarring events to knock everything loose. Yet when I look at the post from a year ago, my core has not changed that much. I still think being true to yourself is paramount even though at times it may be difficult, unimaginable or maybe even impossible. Some people look like they have it made, others truly do. Or do they? I doubt it. I've seen too many miserable wealthy people to buy into that myth. I have seen enough non materialists who were happy to find a believable irony as well.

What could I have seen or predicted when I wrote that dreary honest little post about the upcoming year? Not a single thing. I have been incredibly surprised and honored to find people interested in reading what I write. What a huge thrill. I have been fortunate enough to have met some people along this path who have enriched my life experience. That is pretty cool. I could have never imagined finding myself among a group of like minded generous people willing to help me as much as I have been willing to help them. That is pretty incredible. Life is an evolution and a journey. The right people at the right time in the path can really enhance the experience. I wont mention the turds we stumble on along the way, they generate their own attention.

 As the post from a year ago describes, I still value people more than money. I have also come across at least 2.5 idiots as well. I much prefer the previous to the latter but the idiots can be entertaining. Come to think of it, I suppose I am an idiot to at least 2.5 people... that might just make me entertaining. Things are looking up.

The first many months I made a point of writing meandering blog posts which I felt under the right circumstance and condition would be considered inspirational. Instead I have cultivated a somewhat rich tradition of asking questions on a variety of subjects I am interested in for the moment, providing commentary and encouraging discussion. The inspiration? Get back with me on that. For today I will theme this post as inspiration from growth and progress. Inspiration from attaining the un-imagined. Inspiration from friends enriching my life. Inspiration from the mystery and beauty of the life's unknowns.