Email is Dead?

I read an interesting article yesterday while trying to accomplish a task on Linkedin, something about unlocking a secret spell which could lead to my invisible slipper merit badge. Or maybe it was something else I didn't get. I might describe the network itself as a bit of a mystical land where people you don't know award you credentials for reasons I really don't understand yet, but at least the platform gives me a completely confusing way to interact with other people. I have published several of my posts on Linkedin and I do believe it is a totally different group of people than I would communicate with typically, it's just the interface is so clunky I avoid it like the KMart on the south end, where nobody who works there seems to give a shit.

Email serves few legitimate purposes(?)

My intent is not to talk about the confusing, clunky network, rather a notion suggested in the piece I read. Yes, back to the piece. The author listed his credentials and sounds pretty important, big shot, head of a company bla bla bla, I get it. The thrust of his article was this, email is a thing of the past and only serves 3 legitimate purposes. None of these were interpersonal communication per se. His claim is, the younger generations don't consider email legit, much like my opinion of the few people including parts of the government, insisting on faxes. Good grief. There's some cutting edge tech.

I like

I kind of like email anymore. I will admit, the job I was working prior to my current situation, I hated email. I try to keep this blog rated PG but I hated it with a fucking whatever the opposite of passion is. Hundreds of email every day. Many times by the time I worked my way from the oldest to the newest, the dumbass at the other end would have already negated the first several. It was idiotic. I feel my blood pressure rising and the sweat on my forehead indicates it not my imagination, you get the idea. I subscribe to different blogs if I really like them, then their posts and ads come directly to my email inbox. I like it. To me it's easier than trying to check back on someone's site. I do get plenty of advertisement email as well, usually from something I signed up for. Due in part to Google's advanced detection, very seldom anymore do I get those unsolicited messages which unfairly stole the title from everyone's favorite canned meat. Once in awhile it's a nuisance but in general it's not that big of a deal. I enjoyed a free ribeye dinner on my birthday as an unsuspected surprise from Lone Star recently from being on their mailing list. That's at not all bad.

I know during the email flood period I received messages from people I truly would have wanted to communicate with, but legitimately couldn't find the right time or presence of mind to get it done. I find this interesting for more than a couple of reasons. I still get a few emails a day to do with work, some is idiotic but not all, and the sender's likely think they are making an effort at communication, like scheduling a meeting which will be cancelled by a subsequent email. The more important part I figure is that I actually use email as a primary mode of personal communication with my friends and even some relatives, not necessarily the people who might live nearby but definitely I have gone back and forth with email to my mom who lives only blocks away. She and I are on opposite sides of the clock among other things.

DM's my personal Toxic Wasteland

Anyone I have dealt with on a personal level even to do with this blog will know, if I accidentally stumble upon their message in a DM and they want to talk, I move it over to email right now since my DM box is a toxic wasteland which I ignore almost exclusively. So what are the younger people using? I did find during the relaunch an interesting aspect of Facebook where I was able to use the equivalent of a direct message but also attached an advance copy of Firetok with it. That could be a viable alternative to email, if I were on Facebook more than once every week or so. I don't know. Doesn't come close for me.

Interpersonal Communication- where you actually TALK to the other person.

In almost any circumstance of interpersonal communication, I would rather it be in person. Too much can get lost in a conversation when it is taken out of the context of having the benefit of gauging the response of the person you are talking to. Countless times, maybe everytime I talk to someone, I back up and resay something based upon real time feedback of one nature or another. An email is much more deliberate typically for me, I might throw a quick response out from my phone which recipients will recognize by the misspelled words, autocorrected words I couldn't see and complete brevity. One of my friends calls it robot Gordon. Even then, it never feels like anything more than a pacifier till I mount the computersaurus rex and complete the communication in a legit email. Text messaging? I'm sure it has its place. I use it occasionally and think of it like the dentist. Enough said.

Put me out of your misery.

Too many people I see effectively use texting in its many forms as a way to create an identity lacking shame or pride and use it to shoot messages at people they would never consider saying it to in person. Never. I'm not sure this is exclusive to texting, anyone could use any platform essentially for the same purpose, I realize it's the person not the medium, but it sure is common. I get some hilarious drive bys on Twitter and I use them for entertainment. Anonymous drive by attacks and insults are way too easy. It doesn't fit me. Hell if I am going to say something behind someone's back it would make more sense to say it to their spouse or someone close so I would know the person I was afraid to say it to might still get the message. Oh, my. Somebody please hit me in the head with a shovel next to the river if I ever say something so idiotic and mean it.

If I were to wrap this thing up I think I would have to say for me email does maintain a purpose. In general, might a phone call be better? Absolutely. Might it also be impractical? Yes. Is there a one answer solution to any question involving more than one person? Not likely, my experience is not the same as yours and neither is our position, not to mention- all of our positions change over time. In the meantime I will keep my meaningful conversations in person, on email, on the phone when I can and on Twitter DM's, never. And for those of you who read this as an email from subscribing to the blog, I think we are in the same school. Thank you all for reading.

What do you think? Is email dead to you?

Thanks for reading the post as always I encourage you to join the discussion.

Following Up
As an update to Yancy Caruthers guest post last week, I initiated an Amazon ad campaign for Firetok for fun and experimentation under his guidance. I can see you have to be very careful how you do this or you will be going backwards in the profit department, spending more than you earn, and we are talking pennies here.