What's on my mind? Let's Talk the Creative Process

Whirlwind of a weekend. 

I think I have enough going on, I just wanted to do an old time what's on my mind post. If you were hoping I would reveal some of the secrets of life, this isn't the post. (Sorry) Typically a blog post for me is a Thursday thing so I am either a few days behind or a few days early. Only you know the truth.

Last week I ran out of propane and decided to get two of my tanks filled at the same time since I was going to the hardware anyhow. I left them in the back of the truck we only use on very rare occasions. We drove separately Thursday so I could pick up our daughter from Detroit Metro Airport. I parked illegally due to a bladder which was not going to wait two more minutes. I hung around for a couple more minutes waiting for her bag before I rushed out to receive my parking ticket. I was so glad we pulled those damn propane tanks out of the truck in the rain so they wouldn't be rolling around prior to heading toward the Motor City and trust me it was a total spur of the moment thing. I envisioned my old truck being on all the news programs that night with footage of me being taken down by the TSA, FBI, Homeland Security and that big guy with the hat that helps people with their baggage outside the airport. I will figure out today how much that urination was worth.

Enough about Me, Let's talk about the Creative Process

I am in the process of changing around how things are done on the blog itself. Somewhere in the last year I went through a major hassle to get appropriate sharing capability on my Blogger powered site. It's been clunky but it works. In about 5 seconds I replaced them with a factory made set which did not keep me up nights for more than a week. I have not had time to test them all but Twitter and Facebook work fine. Grrrr. I have also changed the way I am asking people to subscribe to the blog. The previous one was also part of the blogger framework and left very little room for customization, I hope this is a move in the right direction. The feedburner RSS I set up ages ago, appears to have seamlessly integrated into the new approach. So good so far. I am not sure yet if the email itself will change appearance so I will wait for feedback on that.

I don't expect this post to have much to do with social media or writing other than the fact I am really trying to get Firetok II written. As I suspected, since I have not maintained this blog and written my fiction at the same time- it is proving a juggling act. Most of the author friends I have are in the same spot, deadlines- commitments- what to leave in- what to leave out- oops that's a Bob Seger song. OK so whether it's editing or full on getting drafts done lots and lots of writing getting done. I definitely see Twitter time giving way to productive writing time. Sorry Twitter but most all of the experts I have read agree WRITING itself is the biggest factor in success, it has to take priority. The time I have set aside for "writing" easily overflows and intertwines with social media and other related things.

As I have said here before, an unwritten book requires no editing, promotion...etc. The good news for me is that for at least a couple of weeks now the story is really presenting itself in an unraveling fashion which I feel is the only way I can truly be creative. I don't feel I am writing it, rather I am letting it out. Many times I have ideas of how I want things to happen but the reality is how they really need to develope exists far beyond my reach and reason. If I can expand on this more, I have discussed the whole outline thing and having a vision for my story. I have a general vision but I swear, that spirit inside me truly responsible for what I write only lets me see it all after being released to my keyboard. Even my vague ideas have begun to make sense without me ever planning it and others make no sense whatsoever. The latter are the ones discarded for certain.

As far as I know, this is an Ernest Hemingway quote, "I learned never to empty the well of my writing, but always to stop when there was still something there in the deep part of the well"  The exciting part for me is that as long as I waited to get this second book going, the well has been there waiting for me. Lessons learned, lessons being learned and even now, writing to the best of my ability, I hope is a long way from where I will be able to write on some day in my evolving future. What about you? What is the what and where of your creative process? It doesn't have to be writing what does it take to send you to that place where your imagination runs free or at least is allowed to come out of its cage? I tend to find getting it out of the cage is the first step which is merely a function of time not so much mood. I will admit there are times when I can tell I am not in the mood and I find something else to do- this may be a mistake but it doesn't happen often so I will deal with it.

I would love to get some feedback on this and even some potential guest posts on what the creative process is to you.

Enough talk about writing. Let's get to it and please contact me if you would like to go in depth about your creative process. Send an email or a tweet but please not a tweet DM...