Going into the Tunnel. Just Writing.

I call it the tunnel. 

A year ago I planned on going into it in the fall. That is the fall that past 9 or 10 months ago. I'm in the tunnel now, took a while. The relaunch took way more effort and time than I would have ever guessed, totally worth it, don't get me wrong. Now I'm in so deep in fact I had to come up for air to realize I have not done a blog post in a little too long.

There is no light in my tunnel.

Where is the tunnel? 

It moves from place to place but it's a state of mind. The tunnel at this moment is upstairs on my old dust and Windows XP box with the antique Compaq keyboard which has been enabled with supernatural powers like no other. The good news for me is this, I'm getting the next Firetok book written, in rough terms it is likely twice as long as the first but it is in rough draft. I have wondered numerous times whether I am actually putting together books 2 and 3. If anyone knows, please tell me. When I say rough I mean RUFF rough. I blurt it all out in whatever form it comes without holding back. I won't worry about the word count with how ruthlessly I know it will get pruned. I prune bushes the same way and have to get supervision when using the hedge clippers.

My idea of pruning. TIMBERRRRRR

I tried to do an ad campaign on Amazon based on Yancy's post a few weeks back. One was accepted the other was denied because my book cover showed graphic violence or gore. Go figure. The ad that was accepted did absolutely nothing for me, not even a click but I believe it was limited in where they placed it due to the graphic violence and gore on my cover. For shits sakes. I think I will fiddle with the bid price some more based again on Yancy's advice but not just yet. There is a lot of red. Hmmm.

Pretty gore-iffic? Here's my graphic violence.

The biggest thing I have learned here lately is the course and direction the book is taking. There were several points I wont say I was worried about but I definitely thought they would go in a specific way. Months later as the details revealed themselves through my aforementioned Compaq keyboard it's nothing like what I expected. Nowhere near. Little surprises along the way also include a character who showed up out of nowhere and about the time I was considering throwing her from the plane everyone else suggests recruiting her as an ally. It's a bitch second guessing my creative voice but it is a lesson as well. I have to let it happen. All the planning and thinking and plotting and trying to figure it out don't do me all that much good. I have to let it happen. More importantly I have to take the time to write and allow it to flow from me.

I love pencils.

That is the bottom line for me. If I am not doing it, it's not getting done. I know there will be people who disagree, I have heard it before. You have to do this and that or bla bla bla.

It's not as simple as "just writing". 


Writing is as simple as just writing. I am not talking about learning how to write better or publishing or marketing or any of the other ing words we need to speak of once the book is written. Just writing. Just write. Take the time to do it. Fight the battle between what you think you should do and what you feel coming out.  In a sense it looks like I am contradicting many of the things I have written in the past. I know writing a book gets incredibly more complicated if you want to do anything more with it than just write it. That is an entirely different subject.

If it's what you want to do, write

Take pleasure in it. Enjoy it. 

Let your mind take you for a ride. 

Thanks so much for reading. Please take the time to join the discussion. What surprises have you found when you allowed your creativity to flow? Send me a message or post a comment.