Cell phones and pigs.

I think back to the days when I inadvertently breathed life into this blog. Every post I wrote was initially about inspiration of some sort. Not cheesy store bought inspiration but inspiration from real life and the struggles it brings. This post isn't necessarily anything like that, almost the opposite actually.

I have the opportunity to work with kids on a daily basis. I am so glad I am not trying to grow up in the times we live in. Seeing what they are exposed to and things they have to deal with which as an adult I can barely conceive, makes me cringe. I have said it before and will say it again, I believe my biggest single failure as a parent was giving our kids cell phones. They all had them by the time they were in high school for certain maybe earlier and this was tenish years ago.

Cell phones aren't the problem per se, that is too simplistic. It's the culture which really bothers me. This disconnected, I'm in my phone don't bother me attitude. I hate it. I see so many kids who are growing up with this disconnect from interpersonal interaction because they can't look up from their devices. Its ridiculous and sad.

Awhile back my daughter was visiting from the planet where she resides and we went to some fancy Chinese-ish restaurant. The kind where everyone dresses up like it's a big deal. I watched this family of five across the way. Mother, father and three kids who were not even teens yet. Everyone of them was on their own phone the whole time. I know I am prone to exaggeration but this time I am not, really. What's the point? I think of pigs at a trough. That slop hits the trough and each pig charges for it concerned only about feeding itself and nothing else. Another pig in the way? No problem push him over and get your own food. I don't get it. I truly don't.

How often we joke and reminisce about the days when there was one phone at our house, for the WHOLE family. Oh my. I have at least four phone numbers myself now. I remember finally getting the nerve to call, let's say a girl for dramatic effect, only to have her dad answer. Then comes the awkward divulging of who you are and trying to politely leave a message in hopes it might be delivered by a father who, if he had any sense would not want me within a mile of his daughter. (And he did not.)

But look at the courage it took to make the call as well as the cunning and research necessary to figure out what his work schedule was for example in order to avoid the awkwardness. Shit, nowadays you just text the person directly and gain no sense of accomplishment or building of character. Honestly one might argue the way people hide behind their devices, it is doing just the opposite.  I guess there is a reason old people are old and youth is squandered on the young. I just don't know what it is yet.

Technology has its place. I get it and I use it. I just really don't like the way people are disconnecting from real interaction and replacing it with whatever it is I am missing in a phone.

What is inspirational about this? Great question.

Got a comment? Please post it, let's talk. I would love to hear an opposing viewpoint which makes sense.