Brianna West on Paranormal and her new Book


Author Brianna West is back at it again with a new book release. Congrats and continued success. Independant authors needs to support each other and she definitely does that, I encourage you to check out her interview here and check out her books.  Her release very well lines up with the genre discussion we are in the middle of so I asked a couple questions for her input. 

How do you categorize Pavel as far as genre?
 I would say it’s more of a fantasy romance that has paranormal elements. There is quite a lot of action and kickassness that appeals to a wider range of people, but the romance is the main plotline.

  What separates paranormal from supernatural fiction, not technically but in your opinion?
 I would say since my series delves more into the demon versus angel type that it would be considered more paranormal. However, I’ve heard that supernatural and paranormal can sometimes be interchangeable.

  Do you consider paranormal whether it is romance or not as a subgenre of horror? 
Not truly. I believe that you can read a paranormal story that doesn’t inflict fear, which in the horror genre that would be the main element. Paranormal simply means that there are elements that are not traditional in a normal world, like demons and angels for example.

  When you hear the word paranormal in a fiction sense what is the first thing that comes to mind?
Personally, I think of vampires and demons. Everything else is additional to that genre, but those are the first two I think of. Same question for supernatural and horror? Supernatural is similar for me, delving into unnatural elements that can’t be explained in a realistic world. Horror would be a genre, in my mind, which seeks to cause fear in its readers. To scare, in so many words.

  What makes your book special from other books you have enjoyed aside from the part about you authoring it? My characters give life to the books I write. You’ve met someone like this in your everyday life, but never like this, and never under these circumstances. The plot is something that I haven’t seen written; the Promiscus Guardian world being an entirely different world from any other I’ve read. I’ve seen similar, but not to the extent I wield this world. The humor is also an element I’m very proud to say is featured in high quantity in all my stories. You’ll be laughing at the playful antics of both main and secondary characters.

  What is something about yourself you wouldn't actively promote but wouldn't be too personal to share? I don’t actively promote that I am a mother to almost four kids or living a life that is beyond anyone’s dream of happiness with a man that is the ultimate in all things. If not for my content life, I wouldn’t write, and without the support of those around me, I wouldn’t be where I am today. My kids drive me to write, mostly so I can get away from the crazy for a bit, but it’s the very reason that I’m motivated to do well and succeed, to show them that one day they can attain anything they set to do as long as they have to drive and perseverance.

Pavel (Guardians In Love #2) by Brianna West Genre: Paranormal Romance Release Date: August 12th 2016 Blurb: Eve's entire existence and the secret power she harbors is forever changed when she meets the incredibly gorgeous Russian, Pavel Volkov, one night after he single-handedly saves her from being attacked. Claiming he's part of an elite group of Guardians that police the Light and Dark, Pavel takes her into his protection. The playboy warlock-faerie helps Eve unlock the secrets of her past, training the hidden power within as they attempt to keep her from the Dark that seeks to capture her. But with nothing short of disdain for the man claiming to be her protector, can Eve discover the truth behind who she really is? Will she be able to learn how to use her powers efficiently? And more importantly, will she be able to deflect the relentless advances of her so-called protector?

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