Is it a mouse or is it more?

What is going on? No, REALLY?

Several interesting things have happened recently. I suppose I wouldn't mind talking about some of them. The book editing is going so so. I feel the story is good yet the skeptic in me wonders why it is not better. Had one good day this week and will try to get back into it. Soon. I am not sure why, but the whole genre series was not a huge hit. I specifically am not going to worry about it, you never know till you try it. We did get a great response and definitely continued the conversation. I still feel there is a lot to learn and some compelling reasons for an author to strongly consider genre against what they want to do with their writing. Ad nauseum? I don't necessarily think so but I'll give it a rest for now. I am convinced. Enough said.

Enough with the Genre already.

 I want to start with a mouse story and see where it leads. We have an enclosed porch where we keep the dog food, coats, boots etc. Kind of like the land of seasonal forgotten clothing. The dog food has been in a plastic trash can without a lid for years. Occasionally a mouse gets in the food. It is set loose, months go by, everything is good until it happens again. I will admit it can be startling grabbing the scoop to have a mouse sitting next to it. Maybe more than startling depending on the present state of mind of the scooper, not so much the mouse.

There's a mouse in your house man.

Several weeks ago this mouse got in when the can was almost empty. He couldn't get out. He was released. The next day he was back. He was released. He came back. I would say about day five I go out and now there is a water bowl, a nest box, some mouse toys in the bottom of the trash can along with the mouse and some of the leftover food. The same person who would literally be freaking out if this mouse was in the house, made a comfortable home for the little mouse who wouldn't leave.

This whole thing has me puzzled to where it keeps popping up in my mind. It's like a lucid dream only in reality. Yesterday the little mouse was released on the other side of our house which is quite a way from his mouse house and while I haven't been downstairs today, I don't think he's come back yet.

 Is there a moral to this story? The same mouse three different spots, three completely different reactions. Inside. Outside. Somewhere inbetween. What is the difference? Context? The mouse poses just as much of a physical threat regardless of his location. His ability to attack me is not enhanced by being indoors or out. OK so I can see the distinct difference between indoor and out. Outside he is in his natural place. Inside, he is in mine. I don't want any living things I did not invite in the house. Remind me to tell you about the damn mole sometime.

So what or so a lot?

 Where then is the enclosed porch in the big picture. It is not finished on the interior. We always keep the door shut. It's not exactly interior but it is sheltered from the exterior. Is this that little no man's land between inside and outside where the black and white of acceptable and not are blurred to gray? It appears so. How does that turn into an analogy. The same thing I cannot see is acceptable until I can see it. That thing I know is going on is alright until I can no longer deny knowing about it. Now I have to act. Or do I? Can you or I continue to ignore it as long as it doesn't come in the house?

Sounds like a trap. Hand me the peanut butter.

Well, he is halfway in and halfway out and he can't get out of the trash can himself. But on the other hand, he has food and water so I am not really ignoring the situation. Am I really addressing it either? Can't say. Pretty damn ambiguous and I suppose that is what is stuck in my craw. I feel a strong analogy. Some huge lesson to be learned. I just need a wise old man to come tell me what it is.

 What is inspiring about this? I'll let you answer that. I love things that challenge my way of thinking and opening the doors to something new.

 I would love to read your comments as always, please join the conversation.