What I really learned from writing a book. Guest Post by Jennifer C. Lopez

One of the things I have discussed in the past has been the "other" things that came as a result of writing a book. Some have been good and some just good but necessary experience. In a quest for inspiration I think it is better to focus on the positive since the negative seems to find its own way. I would like to reintroduce Jennifer C. Lopez. She is not only a friend and author but a genuine person trying to make a positive impact on her world. She recently published a book on homeschooling with her daughter. Read her story and please check out her book. I asked Jen to share some of the non-writing things she discovered during her book journey. What follows is her response. Her life changing experience has little to do with the actual book or homeschooling. I find it inspirational for certain.

Guest Post by
Jennifer C. Lopez

What I really learned from writing a book.

The book grew while we did—that was one of the most precious parts of writing and publishing it together.

We learned that the word ‘Publish’ means to reveal, to send forth, to share a message or enrich with good intentions. We grew in understanding that no matter how ‘Home-made”— our work appeared on the outside, it was a work of courage with its foundations in Love. So we pushed in our efforts to stretch ourselves for the good of a cause beyond ourselves.

We experienced the very essence and depth of another word too—LEARNING—in a way no other experience could have provided. By converting our personal Homeschooling experiences into a tangible action that would benefit others, we found learning to exist in unfathomable ways. We had met other parents like ourselves who were hoping for another way to raise and educate their children—a different approach, that might be better for them— than what the “establishment” offered. Some of these parents were on the edge of change but fearful of stepping away from conventional reason or the confines of social conformity.

As a Homeschool family, we already had a firm grasp on what mattered most to us in life— but that understanding grew as we thought about how our own Homeschool experiences would translate into what matters most to families out there wanting something different but unsure of the alternative.  Talking about these things together as a mother and a daughter— and sharing ideas— had us diving deeper into what family life means at its very core.

As a parent, I learned something else. You know those ‘things’ you’ve heard and think you always knew—but then somehow the epiphany really hits? It was one of those things—and it became so magnified during our book journey together.
I learned that my daughter could teach me even MORE than I could ever teach her. Her purity, unique insights and innocent eyes on the world brought out thoughts that were uncontaminated by years of living within societies general bounds of social conformity. Ella helped our book’s focus to be: Not Surrendering Our Standards.

We grew to see that no matter how the world around us might define any given word—like socialization, for example—
or even a concept—like proper education…we could question any of it— if it seemed to fall out of line with our own moral compass.

Growth came in the reinforcement of our belief that parenting and teaching are innately ONE.

  We as parents could stop feeling that we aren’t capable of teaching our kids the important ’subjects’ ourselves—ESPECIALLY because children’s natural passions for life can serve as the very driving force that TEACHES US to teach them. It’s almost like when we think we’ve lost something—like our keys, for example—and then realize we’ve been so busy we didn’t see, they were right there in our hands the whole time.

It’s RIGHT THERE- the TRUTH, but it gets overlooked—like it couldn’t be possible—
  …but it is.

We grew because we TALKED. 

We called our writing talks, the ‘Face-Time’ of ages past. We listened to each other’s ideas. We like our off-roads thinking because when the testing times come up- we are ready for the bumps.
We’ve gotten better at no longer doubting ourselves—just because someone else might. We go back to our moral courage and check to see if we’re doing the right thing FOR US.

We grew to finally SEE that we don’t have to doubt our choices because they are different. We stand apart bravely now—knowing that we made a daring choice that makes the rest of life easier now…finally. It didn’t right away- because nothing with that kind of growth potential ever comes easy right off the bat.
But we persisted and the prize became a precious gift- claiming our own life and living it the way we want to live it—knowing ourselves and allowing ourselves the freedom to BE and FEEL and PURSUE what resonates with our most authentic selves. The journey—with all its bumps—doesn’t end… but now our standards are high and the trivial means little.

If we can help some families out there realize these things and claim their own standard for how they want to live, we will have done something good- Published with a Purpose.

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