The Day After Christmas, now what?

What about Christmas. It's the day after, time to get back to normal. Time to get back into that ridiculous week between holidays where nothing gets done. Everyone is hungover and patiently waiting for the next big one. New Year's eve.

The holidays are notorious for depression and I think I get it. There is so much build up. I'm not sure if the stores even put up Halloween decorations anymore and just go straight for the jugular- mistletoe, reindeer and holly.

Personally, Christmas is a benchmark as much as anything else. I am not talking about the spiritual aspect or the "true" meaning, that's up to you to decide, I am talking more about the point in time. I remember when I was young having problems with family members for who knows what reason now and Christmas kind of forced everyone together. It was the perfect time to make an effort toward amends because you were all going to be together anyhow. Whether it lasted or was genuine I can't say, doesn't really matter. Throwing a coin in the red bucket is genuine, isn't it? How many stories I have seen that start out that way. Everyone is coming home for Christmas and then things start to happen from there. Drama, comedy, tragedy, it's all there for the taking.

Christmas past. I remember picking up this less than expensive sparkly thing and writing a note about hoping next year things will be better. I think I bought the same one a couple of years in a row. Not trying to say things were bad but I was hoping for better. It didn't have anything to do with the “true” meaning of Christmas but it was my benchmark. The end of the year. Time to look around and realize indeed the year is over. What have I done? Where am I going? Who is in my life and who’s not?

What was that thing about the holidays and depression? Might be a good time to look around and connect with someone you haven't heard from in a while. I am not saying I am depressed, don't take it that way but I can understand it. People get so caught in the build up you can't help but get bummed out when it's over. Shit. We start this whole spending frenzy thing a month out right? Making plans, buying gifts, black Friday and beyond. The day finally comes around, people journey home and do that family thing I mentioned earlier. They try to be polite or nice. They think about being kind and generous. All the stuff you hear about around Christmas. Then blam it's over. Time to get back to normal. Pick up the wrapping paper, pull down the tree and watch everybody go back to their real lives. No wonder people get sad. There is a lot of happy going on here, the laws of nature demand an opposing force right? I'm not sure if that is even true but I understand it on the surface.

We can hope some of the good will stick for the balance of the year. I guess I can hope all of it sticks for the rest of the year. There is never too much goodwill or generosity. I am all for more positive things and being kind this time of year and the other eleven months too.