Gender in Fiction

Back in November, the idea was born to create an ebook and a series of blog posts on gender in writing- specifically fiction. The project was an extension of the genre project of the same nature from last year. It was fun and a pretty neat experience covered a lot of ground and exposed some different approaches to genre.

My intent was to expand on that and include a couple more people. A little ebook and some blog posts was the initial plan. The project grew and grew in both time and scope. We ended up with 7 contributors plus myself which would make it 7.5 and 6 months before it all came together. But it did come together. It grew into a full blown book, it's only fifty some pages but it was way too big for a blog post.

Did I learn anything? Oh did I.

Here are some of my lessons-

  • If something is well written the reader shouldn't need to wonder about who wrote it. It wouldn't cross their mind. If the writing takes you that far out of the story, as far as I am concerned, it's a mistake. I've lost you. I shouldn't read a passage and have the conscious thought "this sounds like a dude wrote this" and vice versa. 

  • If I am writing a character way out of my realm I should do some research in whatever form it takes. This research would be more beneficial beforehand than after the fact.

  • Some people make ebooks and then work towards turning them into paperbacks. I have never done it this way and Amazon offers it as an option. Someone in the project told me don't do it. I did not. I think it is easier the other way around. I start paperback on CreateSpace and go from there.

  • Formatting for ebook is considerably different from paperback. Amazon KDP does not like PDF. And stuff like formatting seems to get lost in the upload for an ebook- including color. If there is a way to get color in an ebook- I don't know it.

  • Communicating with 7.5 people from different parts of the globe who are all insanely busy is damn near miracle worker territory. One of the contributors very accurately called it herding cats. I am continuously neck deep in several all consuming projects and so is everyone else- try to bring that together. 

  • We were able to communicate as a group of friends and collaborators. It was enriching and inspirational. 

  • The end product was worth the time and effort and completely exceeded anything I could have imagined. I think they call that synergy.

  • A history of being abused is not a very good reason to inflict abuse yourself. I think it extends the power of the initial abuser. This has nothing to do with the book but I'm sticking with it.

Next post I will try to add some excerpt teasers. The plan is for it to be released on May 11.

Thanks for reading- G