The Day After Christmas?

Last year I wrote a little post about the day after Christmas. I seriously cannot believe it’s that time again. I use the term year round to describe a huge let down after a very exciting event. As a kid we would ride bikes through the fairgrounds Sunday morning after the fair left to pick up returnable cans. It was a similar situation, the big nothing after a huge event. For a week that fair is the center of so many peoples world, until everyone packs up everything and leaves. Then the area is just trampled down grass with litter and ten cent cans laying around. The excitement is gone and the center of the world shifts to another location. The circus has come to town? I love that phrase too but that is an entirely different scenario.
I am not into the whole commercial aspect of the holiday but I respect it, it’s good for the economy. I always find myself using the space around the holidays as a time of reflection and marking where I was in the past. I won’t go as far as making a bunch of ridiculous resolutions. I do think it is worth a few moments to take an inventory of the significant happenings of the year just to look at them and think about it. It won’t hurt to consider what has been going on, or what I may need to change. Whether anything changes or not, I hope to live to see, but this year has been a whopper in an overall good way with some bumps here and there.
Life is the fair and the excitement is not gone, it just keeps moving from town to town.